three architecture within the landscape


The project aims to strategically re-employ some of these most significant traces in order to redefine a meaning to spaces, to the punctuation of the landscape.
The idea is to insert / insert a series of parasitic micro-architectures, which live of their own life and at the same time can nourish a wider system.
Unlike the canonical model of mass tourism, the room will not have a view (a room with a view), a view, but the entire landscape to host a shelter, a room.

As usual in the vernacular culture of Sassari the construction revisited will be (objet trouvè) of stone material such as silvery schists and local stone, as to the construction material (grafts) with which the shelters, the micro-cottages and the cabinets will be obtained, we think of the timber, or to metals and plates, potentially removable (but not temporary); as was the case with the laverie, built in particular and highly sought after wooden frame structures.

The purpose of the work is to give back to the community a punctuation of works of high architectural value, a constellation of diffused shelters, bivouacs, which can serve as hospitality for a light and punctual, non-invasive, conscious and silent tourism. The model of tourism that is completely respectful of the territory and its landscape, which sets itself a target of medium-high users, intrigued by environmental wealth and the values ​​of the earth.
Air, wind, water and sun.