Mine is a project of social and cultural integration, a resilient reality, between the folds of the mining landscapes and the silvery rocks. Born from the sense of belonging to a harsh land, from the vision of two young architects, Andrea and Paola.

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Taking care of a place and a space, over time; the Argentiera, bringing the surviving community back to the debate on the importance of the identity and memory of a territory so strongly undermined by abandonment and forgetfulness.


Paola Serrittu and Andrea Maspero, directors.

Andrea + Paola (A+P) are architects & urban planners, graduated at Politecnico of Milan & Alghero School of Architecture - University of Sassari.

During their education and life they had the opportunity to explore and visit different urban and human realities from different points of view.

Sardinia, Argentiera overall, is the land that links their work and life experiences in a unique project, which aims to place the architectural fact at the center of a regenerative process of a former mining village. Thanks to the LandWorks Plus project LW+, and all the LandWorks team, ideas and visions for the future of this territory take shape.

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