MINE* rooms

first act, curated by Carlalberto Amadori


The first act of MINE*, in its declination "rooms" is curated by architect Carlalberto Amadori.

MINE*rooms intends to deal with the neglected heritage, re-appropriating the legacies of disposal as new opportunities, notes on which rewrite new stories.

The program/project chooses to confront the unhistoricized ruins of the landscape and foresees the construction of a constellation of cabinets, architectures crystallized among the rocks, giving back this heritage, under new clothes and functions to the community. Small caskets, shelters for travellers. The first act actively involves the local community as well as artists, architects and students from all over the world in a choral process of resistance.

Identity, memory, resilience.

MINE*room is a participatory construction project for the practical and poetic reactivation of the ruins. Since ancient times the ruin in the landscape has been a powerful tool to stir memories and evoke meanings. In particular, the aim is to recover common buildings such as shelters, bivouacs, to give them a new meaning without betraying their memory, the common thread of every collective activity.

Identity: In relation to other objects, identity is everything that makes a definable and recognizable entity, because it possesses a set of qualities or characteristics that make it be what it is and, therefore, distinguish it from all others. entity.

Memory: Memory is the brain's ability to store information, or psychic or mental function aimed at assimilation, retention and recall, in the form of memory, of information learned during the experience or by sensory means.

Resilience: the ability to cope positively with traumatic events, to positively reorganize one's life in the face of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to positive opportunities.


The first project leader invited to the poetic design and participated by the curator is:

Associates Architecture, from Brescia - IT.

Carlalberto Amadori, curator.

Architect and researcher, graduated with honors at Politecnico di Milano.

Carlalberto currently works between Urbino and Milan.

He is PhD candidate in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florence and teaching assistant in Architectural and Urban Design Studio II at the Politecnico di Milano since 2016

He has been invited as critic to several workshops and conferences, in 2017 he has been visiting lecturer at Faculty of Architecture and Design in Ferrara and at Politecnico di Milano.

He worked in Milan for Giancarlo De Carlo architetti and Francesco Librizzi studio, and in Olot, Spain for RCR Arquitectes.


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